Make Sure Your Business Meets Safety Codes

Arrange for a commercial inspection in Rochester or New Baltimore, MI

When you operate a business, you need to make sure your space is compliant with certain safety codes. An inspection can help you know where your building might need improvements.

Superior Home Inspection performs commercial inspections in Rochester, New Baltimore, MI and the surrounding areas. We'll even bring in tradespeople like plumbers and electricians to make sure we're taking a comprehensive approach.

From electrical inspections to foundation checks, we'll handle it all. You can make sure you have a safe workspace to avoid future liabilities. Call 248-933-7807 now to schedule a commercial inspection.

Why get a commercial inspection?

Why get a commercial inspection?

Are you buying a new business facility? Maybe you're just upgrading your current one. Either way, you'll need an expert to conduct everything from a full exterior inspection to an electrical inspection.

Still not sure you need one? Getting an inspection will allow you to...

  • Prove to insurance agencies that you meet their requirements
  • Work in a building that's safe
  • Find potential problems and fix them before they become larger issues

Contact us today to speak with a commercial inspector.