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I am a second-generation builder, a college graduate with a strong trades background, making me one of the top qualified home inspectors in the metro area. I have been performing home inspections since 1990, remodeling, and building new homes from the ground up for over 30 years. Not only does my professional experience as a Michigan licensed builder give me a vast knowledge about residential buildings and codes, but my experience performing home inspections guarantees a quality inspection. This combination of formal education trades experience, and being an active licensed builder since 1990 exceeds those qualification requirements of a city building inspector/building official.

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State of Michigan "Home Inspector"

licensure / certification

Many home buyers are misled about the license/certification requirements for a Home Inspector in the State of Michigan. Home buyers are even told by Home Inspectors that they are licensed and certified by the State of Michigan. Well…you are being given false information. The State of Michigan does not issue/require a license to be a home inspector. Nor, does the State of Michigan recognize home inspectors’ certifications issued by private and unregulated organizations, such as ASHI.

Certified Home Inspector

Required State License(s)

Certified home inspectors are those who have completed a course or study program, and then have a certificate of proof that the course has been completed. This certificate is not issued by the state, nor recognized by the state. Copyright 2016 State of Michigan

As certified home inspectors, we are trained to perform a comprehensive inspection before you and your family are ready to move in. Our years of unmatched experience sets us apart from other home inspectors in the area.


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